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Gato Suárez, el fotógrafo de Ibiza, dedicó 8 años a capturar la belleza de la isla con un enfoque en la naturaleza, las flores, los animales y las personas. Su obra es un testimonio visual de la magia de Ibiza.

Gato Suarez, the Ibiza photographer, spent 8 years capturing the beauty of the island with a focus on nature, flowers, animals, and people. His work is a visual testament to the magic of Ibiza.

Gato Suarez, der Fotograf aus Ibiza, verbrachte 8 Jahre damit, die Schönheit der Insel mit einem Fokus auf Natur, Blumen, Tiere und Menschen einzufangen. Seine Arbeit ist ein visuelles Zeugnis der Magie von Ibiza.


gato suarez ibiza photographer
gato suarez ibiza photographer

Ibiza – Mexico

Gato Suarez EsVedra

On Es Vedra’s rocky shore, legends told,
Of pirates bold, their tales of old.
They sailed the seas with black flags high,
Underneath Ibiza’s azure sky.

In hidden coves, they hid their plunder,
As the island’s secrets they would sunder.
The pirates of Es Vedra, a daring lot,
In moonlit waters, they sought their lot.

With sabres gleaming and hearts of steel,
They made their foes and victims kneel.
A chapter of history, mysterious and wild,
The pirates of Es Vedra, where stories compiled.

Though time has passed and tales have waned,
Their spirits in the island’s essence remain.
Legends of swashbuckling, both near and far,
Still echo through Ibiza, like a distant star.

Gato Suarez EsVedra

Amidst Ibiza’s sun-kissed shores they sway,
Wild flowers dance in the Mediterranean’s play.
Fennel’s fragrant fronds, a lacy embrace,
Whispering secrets of this enchanting place.

Garlic’s pungent bulbs, hidden beneath the soil,
In nature’s tapestry, they quietly uncoil.
Almonds bloom with blossoms pure and white,
A symbol of the island’s warm, golden light.

Helychrysm’s vibrant hues, a fiery bloom,
Resilient and fierce, dispelling gloom.
In Ibiza’s wild meadows, they unite,
A colorful symphony, a breathtaking sight.

Together they paint a vivid, fragrant scene,
Ibiza’s wild flowers, where beauty’s queen.
In this island’s embrace, they proudly stand,
A testament to nature’s artistry, so grand.

Gato Suarez EsVedra

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Gato Suarez EsVedra

Helychrysm Italicum, golden and bright,
Under the Mediterranean sun’s warm light.
With blooms everlasting, in fragrant array,
You paint the landscape, a sight to stay.

Your essence, a treasure in oil’s embrace,
In skincare and healing, you find your place.
A herb of the ages, resilient and true,
Helychrysm Italicum, we admire you.

Gato Suarez EsVedra

In Ibiza, the salt is pure and white,
Harvested from the sea’s shimmering light.
From ancient salt pans, a gift of the brine,
Beneath the Spanish sun, a treasure we find.

Crystalline flakes, a taste of the sea,
Enhancing flavors, culinary glee.
Ibiza’s salt, a jewel of the land,
Crafting memories, with a touch of your hand.

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